A practical resource to help you manage, authenticate, and preserve your digital video.

The Workflow: CreateCreate

Start archiving your video at the point of creation.

The Workflow: TransferTransfer

Move video and metadata from one device or location to another.

The Workflow: AcquireAcquire

Receive video and metadata from a source and add it to your collection.

The Workflow: OrganizeOrganize

Organize your digital video files and documentation.

The Workflow: StoreStore

Store your videos, manage the storage environment, and recover from errors.

The Workflow: CatalogCatalog

Create a structured and searchable system for creating and managing metadata, and finding your videos.

The Workflow: PreservePreserve

Ensure that your collection will be preserved and accessible far into the future.

The Workflow: ShareShare

Make your collection accessible to others outside your organization.