Start Here: What is Archiving?

Archiving is… a general term for the range of practices and decisions that support the long-term preservation, use, and accessibility of content with enduring value. In this Guide, our focus is on your digital videos

Archiving is … an ongoing process that begins when a video is created and continues infinitely into the future. 

Archiving is…a process that can be incorporated into your existing video workflows.

Archiving is … a way to ensure your videos remain authentic and intact, so you can use them as evidence.

Archiving is … a way to ensure your videos are available, findable and playable long into the future.

Archiving is NOT… a one-time action. 

Archiving is NOT… putting your videos on a hard drive and leaving it on a shelf.

Ensure your videos are preserved, accessible, and usable in the long-term.